Tourism Expo

Okahandja Tourism & Trade Expo

“Please come and enjoy with us, our historical heritage in the beautiful garden town”.



Municipality of Okahandja and the community at large would like to extend an invitation to all exhibitors and visitors to our region (Otjozondjupa) town to join us in the upcoming Annual Okahandja Tourism and Trade Expo, slated for the 3rd – 6th May 2017 at Okahandja Park Sports Stadium. The Official Opening will take place on Thursday 4th May 2017.


The number of exhibitors’ and the public has increased over the years that the event has being taking place. In 2016 we had 118 exhibitors and 10,936 visitors over a period of 4 days. Exhibitors are participating in the expo to market and sell their products to visitors. There are different types of exhibition categories that exhibitors’ took part in. The small and medium enterprises made up the largest part of Okahandja Expo. The Namibian economy is made out of the small medium enterprises (SME) and Okahandja town was not an exception. The SME business had many innovative ideas such as, old tyres that were made into garden sculptures and flower pots, paint manufacturing business, curio shops that serves our tourism and hospitality industry, clothing and textiles, traditional and modern day herbal medicine, traditional food and etc.

Exhibitors’ during official opening day in 2016

The service industries that included government, private and corporate sector services ranging from education, information and communication technology, social security services, vocational training services, safety and security and health sector and artistic toys for children. There is also food and beverages to serve exhibitors at show and the public that comes to visit stalls during the event.


We always have foreign exhibitors from Central, West and Southern Africa. They exhibit clothing, textiles, jewellery, handbags and etc.


Objectives of Okahandja Tourism & Trade Expo

The aim for Okahandja Expo each year is to increase the number of participants and visitors’ by exhibiting quality products, instead of exhibiting the same products year in and out. We decrease the number of exhibitors’ that normally sell toys from China town to encourage them to become innovative and sell other products. This is done with the purpose of discouraging SME’s from aim to make quick profits but to come up with innovative products.

Okahandja Expo Grounds

Exhibitors’ Awards

The Okahandja Tourism & Trade Expo improves services offered to exhibitors and the public each year by encouraging innovation. We were overwhelmed by the number of people that passes the gate especially during performances. People are seeing the event as a social gathering on the event calendar of the town.

We award exhibitors’ in different categories with prizes to encourage them to work hard by providing quality and efficient service to the public at all times. The companies that surpassed others with good service and designing of stalls are rewarded in their categories of exhibition.

Exhibitors’ receiving their awards

Organising Committee

Okahandja Expo has formed an organising committee consisting of different stakeholders in town. The committee consisted of different sub-committee such as Marketing, Secretariat, Entertainment, Finance, Entertainment, Venue, Logistics and Technical Services, and Security, Safety and Protocol. These sub-committees will act as organising structure for Okahandja Expo.



Standard Bank Namibia has being contributing towards the success of Okahandja Expo. We are urgently looking for more sponsors in 2017.



We would like to encourage the current and upcoming entrepreneurs to take part in the exposition of this year as from 3rd – 6th May 2017. The event will not be a success without your presence and the support you have being extending to us for the past 8 years.



Contact: Maggy Sheya

Tel: 062 – 50 5121

Fax: 062 – 50 1746